Recovery is not linear

My chiropractor/acupuncturist/witch doctor told me I’ve been clenching my jaw again. Holding onto anger (duh) but also chewing on a decision that I need to make.

My last three tarot readings have been dominated by the “take action/make the decision already” message as well. 

Now on the precipice of a purge, I’m drained and contemplative on my couch.  

I’m going back to school. Taking my recovery and Phoebe’s decline one day at a time.  Brainstorming my future moves constantly. What is this decision the universe speaks of??

Guess it’s time to write that damn book. 


Soundtrack: Ultralight Beam – Kanye West


Coffee. Herbal cigarettes. Journal. I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of and never knew.

My house is full of plants and magickal candles and thrift store treasures. I’m writing on a daily basis, and my usage of mugwort in oils and cigarettes has enhanced my creative inspiration. I can’t seem to document the ideas and messages fast enough electronically or within my many notebooks.

I’m going to be a film student at Georgia State! I’m awake after a 12 year coma. I love who I’ve become.

Grateful for what Phoebe taught me.

[Featured: Kibbee Gallery, my house, and SGCI Atlanta Conference, Spring 2017 – eyedrum and Murmur]

Soundtrack: Rigamortus – Kendrick Lamar

Rebel, Rebel

One of the many unusual things my other half, Nikkie, and I have in common is that we wear what she dubbed “wacky vacation outfits” when we go out of town, representing an opportunity to be whoever you want to be in a new city and not having the same requirements or insecurities as you would in your regular day-to-day.

I’ve started a new trend recently of wearing my wacky vacation outfits around town when I’m doing things out of the ordinary. Of course I get more compliments when I’m dressed randomly.

While getting dressed today, I realized that I wore green every day this week.

Except today.

Some things never change.