I saw A Perfect Circle, Dawes, and Little Dragon last week. I would have taken a few pictures, because I was extremely close for the last two (and the colors were gorgeous), but I couldn’t be like those people.

Those people that aggressively squeeze in front of you 15 min. before the show starts after you’ve been planted in your place for two hours. Those people that proceed to document the entire show in shaky, mostly impermanent videos with their screens’ brightness turned high. Those people that summon their extremely tall friend up to stand directly in front of you, as if their phones weren’t impeding your perfect view enough, as though you weren’t already crawling in your skin with anxiety and frustration.

Things have been rough lately. Rougher than what has become the baseline. Allergies have been hell, my mouth is still recovering from having a tooth pulled (a traumatic ordeal in which I underestimated), and I’m convinced I’ve been fighting something off for the past week and finally have the fever to show for it. I’ve documented scarcely by pen and photograph as a result of this.

Post Dawes- my mom fastening the Giving Keys necklace she gave me that says “COURAGE”.


There were a couple of days that I felt ok before the tooth extraction and started brainstorming my new zine: Prophets of Lava. For now it can be described as a dive into a manic depressive brain on acid. Not sure where that will take me but open to the flood of ideas and potential.

img_0954[An unfinished comic.]

Charlotte’s wedding ceremony was Sunday, and it came together splendidly. I’m making a video for her and Zac as a gift, and it will be my first time back in the editor’s chair since my early teens.


Thankful that every one of my ailments took a back seat that day.


Soundtrack: Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes

Author: Cayce Tiedemann

Multidisciplinary artist and writer in Atlanta

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