Are you ready, boots?

The witch’s brew is working. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever consumed but getting easier because I know what benefits are in store.


Unlike the ~fifteen dedicated bikers who showed up to the Atlanta Streets Alive Bicycle Parade today in the pouring rain, I attended because:

A) I’m usually out of town when they have this event (in my neighborhood)

B) I took off work for this

C) I wanted an excuse to debut my umbrella hat


I was the only one who stayed true to the Funkadelic theme without employing a poncho or extensive rain gear. It was exhilarating until an hour and a half into it when the rain was the heaviest, the wind stung, and my boots were filled with water and soggy socks.

Afterwards went to Serenbe with my mom and laughed the entire time.


[The Farmhouse at Serenbe]

Had a sleepover with matching Chewie night gowns. His mouth opens up to a fairly large pocket that would be great to store snacks and Super Snoozes.

I began playing around with my Canon camcorder today and can already tell it’s going to be a heap of fun, among other things.

My imaginary friends had bizarre names when I was a child. Jal. Hour. I asked my mom today if she could recall any of the others that I was forgetting.

She said, with great surprise while remembering, that one of them was Phoebe.

Soundtrack: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Author: Cayce Tiedemann

Multidisciplinary artist and writer in Atlanta

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