Good omen

Saturday morning

It was a lovely surprise seeing some of my brother’s friends that we grew up with at his housewarming party. Anthony is the only person other than myself whose instinct is to hold Phoebe like this.


Sacred Mondays are for opening windows, listening to the rain falling, and couch cuddles. Started pre-writing What Phoebe Taught Me, and the pain I experienced is a testament to why I’ve been putting it off.

I discovered Brené Brown recently, researcher and storyteller on shame and vulnerability, and how that relates to self-worth and addiction. In true Cayce fashion I spent most of yesterday watching her videos on YouTube. In her first TEDTalk, she says “not my first rodeo,” a favorite saying of mine and Nikkie’s. In her second talk, she says “like an action figure,” also an inside joke my best friends have. In the third video I viewed, she wore an owl necklace. I love a good omen.

The connections she has made in her life’s research feel like the final piece to the puzzle. I’ve found my muse.

Soundtrack: Today – Zero 7

Author: Cayce Tiedemann

Multidisciplinary artist and writer in Atlanta

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